The company’s security products include products for protection against email, web surfing, web hackers and instant messaging threats such as spam, spyware, trojans, and viruses. The company’s networking and storage products include web filtering, load balancing, application delivery controllers, messagearchiving,NG firewalls, backup servicesand data protection. Barracuda Networks was founded in 2003 by Dean Drako (founding CEO), Michael Perone, and Zach Levow; the company introduced the Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall in the same year.In 2007 the company moved its headquarters to Campbell, California,and opened an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  • Barracuda Sentinel – In June 2017, Barracuda launched an artificial intelligence service to prevent spear phishing and cyber fraud.
  • Email Security Gateway – In October 2003, Barracuda announced its spam and virus firewall plug-in appliance.In June 2008, Barracuda launched a spam and virus firewall for large enterprises and ISPs.
  • Web Security Gateway – In April 2005, the company introduced its web filtering appliance to prevent spyware and viruses from gathering and transmitting user data, and to control web surfing.
  • Load balancer ADC – In November 2006, the company introduced a load balancing appliance for high availability distribution of network traffic across multiple servers.
  • Message Archiver – In July 2007, the company introduced message archiving to index and preserve emails, and to meet legal and regulatory compliance.
  • SSL VPN & Remote Access – In November 2008, the company launched its secure sockets layer virtual private networkproduct to provide secure, clientless, remote access.
  • Web Application Firewall – Announced in February 2008, for securing Web applications for large enterprises and to address regulation compliance such as PCI DSS.
  • Link Balancer – Announced in September 2008, to optimize and aggregate internet connections from different providers.
  • Barracuda Backup – In November 2008, the company announced a service to back up data in the cloud, including on-site backup with data deduplication and off-site data replication for disaster recovery. In January 2009, Barracuda added message-level backup for Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise, integrating Barracuda Backup Service with Yosemite Backup, formerly Tapeware.
  • Web Security Service – In October 2009, in conjunction with its acquisition of Purewire, Barracuda Networks launched the Purewire Web Security Service which is a software as a service offering for Web filtering, content security, and safe websurfing.
  • NextGen Firewall – In February 2010, Barracuda announced its NextGen Firewalls to protect enterprise network infrastructures. The firewalls integrate web and email filtering, intrusion prevention, layer 7 application profiling, and network access control into one platform that is centrally managed across multiple distributed enterprise network locations. NextGen Firewalls are available as a hardware appliance, virtual appliance and public cloud instance. The product includes wide area network traffic optimization.
  • CudaTel Communication Server (PBX) – in August 2010, Barracuda announced the release of CudaTel, a VOIP Private branch exchange designed for IT administrators. CudaTel features FreeSWITCH, an open-source project sponsored by Barracuda Networks.
  • was announced as a cloud storage service in February 2013. The service was discontinued on May 1, 2016.
  • Barracuda Mobile Device Manager end-of-life was announced in December 2017. The free service was launched in 2014.

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Security Issue

In January 2013, a backdoor was discovered: “A variety of firewall, VPN, and spam filtering gear sold by Barracuda Networks contains undocumented backdoor accounts that allow people to remotely log in and access sensitive information, researchers with an Austrian security firm have warned.” The backdoor was then secured shortly after the announcement.

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