Netmagic’s cloud computing solution , offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) a virtualized server infrastructure that provides the flexibility to quickly allocate capacity in response to demand, without having to invest in new infrastructure, train new personnel or license new software. As the demand for computing increases, larger amounts of processing power and data storage are required to support important enterprise applications, IaaS creates a shared pool of resources that can be allocated on demand to any application as needed by the enterprise. This approach also supports pay-per-use or measured usage billing model, more closely matching the cost to what a business may require. Our cloud computing services   includes, complete management of applications and infrastructure including web-based software, middleware and computing resources on demand.

Deploy Cloud Computing Service

They provide users access to the resources that need for a particular task and manage it for them 24×7. By deploying cloud computing technology as a service that is robust, scalable and a highly available IT infrastructure prevents you from paying for idle computing resources. Apart from cost saving, cloud computing eliminates worries about keeping applications up to date by allowing users to access the latest software and infrastructure to promote business innovation.

Netmagic provides cloud computing services to clients through their cloud deployment models ecosystem that includes:

  • SimpliCloud – A world-class ‘Compute within-the-Cloud’ offering that enables online provisioning, management and pay as-you-use model for IT Infrastructure via the web, anytime, anyplace.
  • HybriCloud – You combine your in-house servers with our cloud services and you not only operate your dedicated setup but also gain access to a whole new range of hosted services and applications using our hybrid cloud solution.
  • Private Cloud – Setup a fully managed, dedicated environment for your business to run everything from CRM system to ERP solutions. You get a single dedicated private environment for your infrastructure that is hosted on our premises.

Data Center Locations

Netmagic has 9 carrier-neutral Tier III data centers in India.Mumbai has five data centers(Vikhroli 2 phases, BSE and Saki), Bangalore has two, while Delhi, and Chennai have one each. These data centers are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2008 certified; built as per IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.Netmagic’s largest datacenter is located in Mumbai (DC5, Chandivali), with a floor space of 300,000 square feet.

Year Location Gross Floor Space (sq.ft) Total Power
2007 Mumbai (Saki DC) 13,500 2MVA
2007 Bangalore (ITPL DC) 11,500 1MVA
2008 Mumbai (Vikhroli DC-2) 60,000 6MVA
2009 Chennai 30,000 4MVA
2010 Mumbai (BSE) 7000 1MVA
2011 Noida 48,000 4MVA
2012 Mumbai (Vikhroli DC-4) 22,000 4MVA
2014 Bangalore (Electronic City) 1,00,000 13MVA
2015 Mumbai (Chandivali) 3,00,000 20MVA(further expansion to 28MVA possible)


Netmagic provides Managed Hosting, Colocation, Cloud, Network, Managed Security, Disaster Recovery and Software-Defined Storage to customers across banking and financial services, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, media & entertainment, IT & ITeS, logistics, hospitality, and education.

The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Solution powered by Sanovi’s Cloud DRM suite. It has quick deployment with pay-per-use feature. The entire DRaaS can be enabled with hybrid DR deployments.

Its cloud computing services allows enterprises to use the entire IT infrastructure on a pay-per-use model.


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