Virtualaze is Simplify your Application Deployment and Management With Virtualaze Deployment Center Server, managing, assigning, rolling out and executing your Windows Applications remotely is very simple! This is because the Virtualaze .Deployment Center is developed for and by application specialists who want to manage application installations with the minimum of effort. The Deployment Center Server delivers all your Windows Applications, hosted in your Intranet or Cloud based Data Center to any user anywhere using any the most popular Operating Systems and hardware.

With Virtualaze you get the untimate tool. With the Virtualaze Deployment Center you have the ability to discover, automate, model and manage all of your Windows Application Servers and virtual Applications for migrations, deployments and daily Application management without having to worrying about complexity. Please seethe intuitive User interface below:

Highly efficient and affordable
The Virtualaze Deployment Center saves your company/corporation time, effort and money while minimizing your organizations security risks. Virtual Application or virtual Desktop transformations can be completed within minutes, within your predefined budget, with the minimum end user disruption and most importantly without the need or cost to train Administrators. This makes Virtualaze the most intuitive and logical solution available.

Supported Operating Systems
Virtualaze Deployment Server Center and Application Launcher is developed for and tested on the following Windows versions (inc the latest ServicePacks): WinXP (SP3), Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, Windows Server 2008 & R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016. It is based on a back-end server, which could run on the Application Server computer or a separate computer

Save time – manage 1000‘s of Users/Apps and Servers remotely

The Vitualaze Deployment Center Server instantly manages all of your Application Servers, virtual Windows Applications, User and Group Profiles, Licenses remotely. The Deployment Tool creates and stores all related assignments and credentials in a central crypted database, which will be automatically backuped to reach a high redundancy.

User Licenses – free Updates – always Uptodate!
Vitualaze Deployment Center Server significantly accelerates application deployment and migration to all the most widely recognised OS/s, such as Windows 10 and Windows 2016 Server Edition Operating Systems.

Easy to install, easy to use and high redundancy
Set up your Vitualaze Deployment Center Server and remote Deployment Center Application Launcher Client in less than 5 minutes. The Management Console is intuitive and logical to use. The integrated Backup service guarantees you a high redundancy and uptime of your Deployment Center Server database.

Application Deployment – Clustering Application Servers
Virtualaze Application Server Edition helps IT infrastructures operate more efficiently and scale more easily. It delivers SSL acceleration and security, including decrypting and encrypting SSL traffic. It reduces TCP connections, increasing server capacity and f it also uses compression to optimize bandwidth and network performance. Multiple Application Servers can be clustered and also delivers a load balanced application delivery infrastructure. Virtualaze Deployment Center provides an extensive over-view of your
Application Servers, users, user-groups, your virtual applications, licensing etc.

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Today’s Problems

  • High costs of keeping IT infrastructure up to date as a result of dependency on the likes of MS applications – always need new hardware and software updates, so support for existing programs will no longer be available.
  • Complicated IT setup needs expensive ongoing maintenance and training by IT specialists/consultants.
  • All technologies work well in isolation but create huge compatibility issues when trying to work together…Google does not support MS does not support iOS etc
  • Companies have more and more staff working from remote locations but who need to access to critical data anytime, anywhere.
  • Data security especially for remote staff. Is a growing concern especially If they bring their own device…. confidential company information may be jeopardized.
  • Mountains of e-waste – too many computers that have just been acquired a few years ago are going to landfill sites.

Why Customers Need Virtualaze

  • enables organizations to be the most competitive
  • best price/performance ratio 100% guaranteed
  • flexible price models (WaaS/SaaS) – significant initial purchase savings plus huge additional savings over years
  • innovative technology approach – quick and flexible on-going development road-map
  • cost-free updates and upgrade Services
  • easy to integrate into your DaaS, WaaS, IaaS & SaaS scenarios
  • less dependancy on Microsoft, but still 100% MS compatible
  • fully independant from Citrix and vmware horizon, but 100% compatible with both.
  • compatible with industry standard hardware and software
  • superior (remote) support – Virtualaze engineering!
  • easy to install via standard powershell commands
  • highest user satisfaction – resulting in high productivity
  • huge integration potential – ready to install in your existing IT infrastructure
  • easy to scale – flexible to manage your success

Partner Opportunity

  • Mutual sucess and revenues during our marketiung & growth phases!
  • The technology to play a huge role in all aspects of our partner journey – as we want to help you maximise your bottom line
  • You to rely on our technology, expertise & team to drive sucess.
  •  To create the best marketing & PR messages in order to raise the product profile and awareness. .
  • You to get in on the ground floor with a proven technology that has huge potential for IT sectors.

Our Environmental Contribution

Virtualaze contributes significantly to a sustainable environment by providing a solution to the huge e-waste issue.

  • Our unique solution let’s you take old computer technology and transform it into 2018/current technology.
  • Millions of hardware devices worldwide could easily be upgraded and re-used by using Virtualaze.

Market Size

Markets and Markets” ( – an independent market analyst in the IT and data industry – assesses the Desktop/Server/Application Virtualization market as follows:

  • Current market Size (2017): €7.83 Billion – 9.1 Billion US$
  • 11.4% Growth every year until 2020 Market size forecast for 2020: €13.45+ Billion
  • Market leader Citrix : €5.2 Billion


  • 9.1 Billion US$ is in 2017
  • 15.6 Billion US$ is in 2020

What Products does Virtualaze support?

Virtualaze supports any new or existing Client hardware and also private devices (BYOD)

Any new or old PCs and Laptops (as long as they can run a browser)

  • Hardware: >700 MHz, x86 and x64 based
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM // Video: Standard-VGA resolution
  • Harddisk: 25 MB free Space

All existing Operating Systems

Windows XP-SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS….Google´s ChromeOS (Chromebook/Chromebox) etc.

All existing devices

  • USB-Printer or Network Printer
  • Scanner, Video Cameras
  • Network equipment
  • Headsets can be attached locally at the enduser device.

All Tablets and Thin Client Terminals:

  • Support for: Android-, Apple- and Windows Tablets
  • Support for : Linux and Windows Thin Clients and Zero Clients

Technical Product Benefits & USP’s

  • highest User-per-Server ratio (50:1 or even more)
  • easiest to manage 1000+ Users and Groups
  • superior User experience, high workspace productivity

  • compatible with popular Client hardware
  • compatible with popular Client
  • OS/s BYOD-ready

  • Cloud ready – driverless & secure Client Access
  • Cloud/Driverless Printing
  • Cloud/Clipboard – Copy & Paste – Private Folders

  • Stand-alone or clustering of Multiple Servers
  • Central syncing of files in clustered environments
  • highly efficient utilization of your Windows Servers

  • sharing and Unify‘ing of all existing Applications
  • high App compatibility (Server & Desktop OS/s)
  • high Security, 128 Bit SSL hosted Apps & Data


  • More affordable than competitor products – Virtualaze is approx. 60% more economical when compared to standard desktop computer infrastructures – but still delivers the highest margins!
  • Very simple deployment and learning process
  • Easy scalable
  • Compatible with any client/end user device
  • We own entire technology for RDSH and VDI so we support both main standards
  • No need to supply a hypervisor solution (emulating physical server hardware) such as hyper-V (Microsoft), KVM (Citrix Server and other open source solutions) or VMware’s ESXi.
  • Ready for on-premise and the cloud
  • We can run under any virtual hypervisor (Virtual Machines ~VM) via RDSH (one Windows shared by multiple users) and VDI (one Windows per 1 user).